Putting The Pieces Together

Over 10 Years Served

Mr. Fortuño began working with the Cancer Community in 1999, training social workers and volunteers at the University of California San Francisco's Cancer Resource Center. The relationship was so fruitful that he continued doing disability benefits training as a volunteer and has established strong contacts within this dedicated group

Through his work at UCSF, Daniel met Barbara Buckley of the Northern California Cancer Association and developed an ongoing relationship with the NCCA, where he has been doing trainings at their annual conferences since 2003. Most recently, Mr. Fortuño provided disability benefits training to the East Bay branch of this organization in 2005 and he continues to collaborate with the Northern California Cancer Association today.

Social Security’s New Compassionate Allowance (CAL) Program  

Late in 2008 Social Security developed a list of 50 conditions which fall under the guidelines of their Compassionate Allowance program (CAL). Most of these conditions are cancers. Using the CAL program, if an individual qualifies under one of the designated diagnoses, it is possible to get Social Security benefits granted within 20 days. Mr. Fortuno has gotten multiple cases granted between 5 and 10 days.

The list of qualifying conditions can be found on the SSA website under Compassionate Allowance program (CAL).

Knowing about CAL and using it effectively can greatly ease the burden of individuals living with cancer and their families who are trying to navigate the benefits maze.

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